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Awnings are a reliable protection from the sun and wind, and provide the possibility of undisturbed enjoyment in your yard or garden of the restaurant. We offer motorized cassette awnings. We also install awnings for shops, restaurants, gardens, yards, as well as awnings for terraces. Acrylic canvas for awnings is made of waterproof material and is an attractive solution for various exteriors. All colors from the RAL catalog are available.

Take a look at the awnings from the Palais offer and decide for the option that will best suit your space and order them in a simple way!

Motorized cassette awning Rio – perfect solution for your exterior

Motorized cassette awnings have an aluminum construction that is characterized by stability and durability. Cassette awnings have the advantage that the entire acrylic canvas for the awning can be gathered in a box (cassette), so that it is not visible at all, which is why it is extremely aesthetically pleasing.

It is a motorized awning, in which a SOMFY motor is built, which enables easy movement of the awning via a remote control. This way you can adjust the motorized cassette awning to the weather conditions.

The aluminum construction of the awning comes in different colors from the RAL catalog. When it comes to the dimensions of the awning, the maximum width is 6.5 meters, while 3.5 meters is the maximum projection. Awning fabric is made of quality and flexible material – acrylic fabric, a mixture of fabric and polyester.

Awnings for the garden, yard and terrace - an effective setting for the desired space

The Palais team offers the possibility of setting up an awning for the garden yard or terrace. It is up to you to contact us and tell us which space you need the awning for, and we will offer you the best solution for the desired space.

Awnings are a very practical solution for the yard or garden because they create a space for relaxing and enjoying the outdoors, without being disturbed by external factors such as sun and heat, precipitation, and wind.

Also, awnings for the garden can be a great solution for a catering facility, because they will allow your guests to enjoy their stay in the open air, under a quality awning, with an effective look.

Awnings price - factors that affect the setting of awnings

When the topic of awnings, the price depends on various factors. First of all, its dimensions, the type of awning, as well as the complexity of the setting and the wishes that the client may have are important.

What is important to say when considering the price of an awning is that quality should come first. Namely, investing in a long-lasting and quality awning that will serve its purpose to the maximum is a smart investment of money.

Awnings sales - rely on the Palais team

If you want to find an awning for your yard, garden or terrace that will allow you moments of rest and relaxation in the shade, you are in the right place. In our offer you can find high quality awnings that will meet all your criteria for enjoyment.

For all the necessary information, do not hesitate to send us an inquiry, and colleagues from our team will give you all the information you want.


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